VIP boxes

VIP boxes are the perfect facility for your private gatherings and group meetings. There are six VIP boxes altogether, with each suitable best for 10-12 persons. Facilities are available to use from one hour before the game or also earlier according to the deal. Customers can choose from three different dinner menus: the normal buffet menu, the KalPa menu, or the Äijä menu. Food and beverages are charged separately.

Prices: (inc. suite and tickets for max. 15 persons)

  • At JYP, HIFK and Kärpät games: 1500 € + vat. 24 %
  • Other games on weekdays: 1300 € + vat. 24 %
  • Other games on Saturdays: 1200 € + vat. 24 %

For more information contact KalPas' office or +358 (0) 44 7871100.