Grano Corner

Welcome to enjoy the brand new VIP facility in Olvi Areena!

Grano Corner is a new upscale and classy facility, which offers an excellent setting for enthusiastic ice hockey spectators. Niirala Corner has space for 60 customers including 51 grandstand seats and nine bar stool seats.

The game event in Grano Corner starts with dining an hour before the faceoff. The facility is located in the C-corner of the ice rink and the entry takes place through the VIP door next to the C-entrance. The ticket price at Grano Corner includes also the seating ticket, a buffet meal and coffee service. Beverages will be charged separately.

Grano Corner can be also used for meetings for larger groups.



  • JYP, HIFK and Kärpät: 110 € (incl. vat. 24 % / person)
  • Other games on weekdays: 100 € (incl. vat. 24 % / person)
  • Other games on Saturdays: 90 € (incl. vat. 24 % / person)

Bar stool:

  • JYP, HIFK and Kärpät: 75 € (incl. vat. 24 % / person)
  • Other games on weekdays: 65€ (incl. vat. 24 % / person)
  • ​Other games on Saturdays: 65 € (incl. vat. 24 % / person)