Junior KalPa

Junior KalPa provides opportunities for boys and girls to play and enjoy ice hockey. Junior KalPa tries to develop players for the professional team. Nevertheless, its most important goal is to work closely with the community to make sure local children get a well-rounded start to life.

Junior KalPa has teams for every single age group, from the youngest juniors to 20-year-old players. Junior KalPa also has skating and hockey schools for younger children. Junior KalPa has its own teams for girls and women. There are over 1,000 players and supervisors in Junior KalPa every year. For more information see www.juniorikalpa.fi

Join the KalPa family!

Juniori-KalPa ry
70900 Toivala

Coaching manager:
Markku Keinänen, tel. +358 44 2798 400

Junior players' manager:
Pekka Peltola, tel. +358 50 3500 002

Seija Floman, tel. +358 44 0540 810